31 October 2008

First Halloween

Much cuter photos to post tonight! As you can see, Emily was a little cow for Halloween this year. We were both pretty sure that the head-piece wouldn't stay on for long, but much to our surprise, she never really noticed it was there and walked around happily all night with the whole costume on.

Bix wasn't really involved in the festivities this year, but we did get this quick picture of the two of them.

We weren't necessarily intending to dress Emily up as a cow, but we shopped too late in the season and the stores were already sold out of the bunnies and lambs and other cute, girly, animal costumes. We'll try to do better next year.

She kept her costume on when we went out for dinner tonight, but don't worry - Emily & I ate chicken and Dan had pork. No beef was consumed in the presence of this costume!


AO said...

I think Emily's costume is adorable and way better than lamby ones - she really raised the 'steaks'. :-p What a 'rare' find! (Am I'milking' this one for all it's worth?)

Seriously, I'm done now. VERY cute pics. :)

Mary said...

well done!

Heather said...

Oh what a cute little cow! I must agree - she looks perfectly happy with that thing on her head. In my experience, which is obviously quite limited, small toddlers really hate stuff on their head. I'm very impressed!

Amy said...