31 October 2009

Halloween 2009

So we've moved on from last year's farm animal costume to this year's jungle theme. I have to say that last year's photos were probably better, but there wasn't much dry grass to use this time around.

Emily had been looking forward to her big day as an elephant for a couple of weeks. She got to try out the costume yesterday morning at the library where she went from desk to desk holding out her little pumpkin bucket and accepting candy without a single word and only her "thank-you" sign. We can pretend that she was just doing her best to follow the library rules, but I'm sure she was just feeling shy. In any case, this afternoon was the big day and she refused a second nap in favor of going out with her orange bucket. This is the face she made when we told her to smile for the camera.

So off we went to the first house of the day - our next door neighbors. I was pleased that she remembered not only to hold out her bucket, but also to say "Treat!" and even "Thank You."

All went well at the few houses we visited on our block. At this house, she was mistaken for a mouse, but no harm done. Emily laughed like it was a joke.

Then we took a bit of a walk (well, Emily was in the stroller) over to Luke Skywalker's house (from church).

Little Skywalker doesn't eat sugar, so he was very eager to give Emily many, many treats for her bucket. What a sweet boy he is!

A few hours after we were done, Spencer & Kyla came over. Kyla had already changed, but Spencer was still dressed up. Emily took one look at him and literally shook with fear. She just woke up suddenly from an apparent nightmare, and I wouldn't be surprised if this is what she was dreaming of. Quite a costume indeed! I think it will take some work to get all that paint off his face tonight.

And this is what a tired, little elephant looks like after a long day of excitement.

And here's one last picture.

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Carol said...

Great job on the pumpkin, Dan.