01 November 2010

Halloweeen 2010

This was a much happier Halloween than last year to be sure. Emily was finally feeling healthy again (for the most part) and was actually quite excited to dress up as a zookeeper.

She originally wanted to be a flower, a dog, or Curious George, but none of those costumes were available in her size. This zookeeper costume came with a little monkey for her to wear, and we found a monkey costume for Bix too.

Bix's monkey hood didn't stay on very well; this is the only picture we could get with it on.

Bix was not very excited about wearing his costume (despite the squeaky banana toy attached to the front), but Emily did her best to keep him in line.

Off they went, down the street, to trick-or-treat. Emily loved it this year! I'm glad we didn't bother to bring the stroller along because she walked the entire block with us and was determined to fill her little bucket all the way to the top!

Bix didn't fare quite so well. After peeing on his costume and pulling on the leash a little too hard, Dan took him back home.

She was a happy, little girl for sure!

We were the first of the trick-or-treaters in the neighborhood, so Emily often made herself comfortable while people went to fetch their candy.

And now, because she is not old enough yet to take stock of her loot, I will continue to eat away at it in the evening hours while she sleeps. (Don't worry, there will still be plenty for her to consume over the next few months!)

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AO said...

Box in costume is HILARIOUS. Of course Emily is looking adorable as always. :) Cute combo of the two.