01 November 2013

Halloween 2013

We went for coordinating costumes again this year.  Emily was easily convinced to be Little Bo Peep, but Caleb wasn't so excited about being her little lost sheep.  I ordered their costumes in advance, but we didn't talk much about it until last week.

The night before Halloween Caleb declared that he was going to be a polar bear.  "Perfect!" I thought.  Of all the animals to choose, he picked a white, furry one.  So we cleverly told him that his sheep costume was actually a polar bear costume.  He believed us and announced to everyone he met that he was, in fact, dressed as a polar bear.  Happy kids all around!

Neither of them was eager to sit for photos before trick-or-treating.

No complaints about hooking her sheep, though!

I think these two might have been the happiest little trick-or-treaters in town.

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