12 March 2017

Our Experience with Progressive Snapshot

Our auto insurance policy had been climbing and climbing and climbing, so after more than 10 years with Allstate, we switched to Progressive.  When we signed up, we opted to install the Snapshot devices in both our cars, in hopes of saving money with our safe driving.

The very day after the Snapshot was installed, I came to a very hard stop at a red light (definitely should've gone through instead of stopping) and heard the thing beep three times.  When I looked at the ongoing log that evening, sure enough, it counted as 3 hard stops.  Uh oh.  Maybe this wasn't going to save us money after all.

For anyone trying to decide if they are interested in participating, it seems the program takes four factors into account - drive time/mileage, driving at high risk times (the wee hours of the morning), hard brakes, and fast accelerations.

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The bulk of our driving is done in our Odyssey during normal driving hours.  Our Subaru spends most of the day in the garage, or in the parking lot at the park-n-ride less than ten minutes from our house.  I expected the results to have a positive impact on the Subaru, but wasn't so sure about hte Odyssey.

As it turns out, we wound up saving money on both cars - $44 altogether.

Just for reference, here are the final numbers for both cars.  I would say that we're good drivers, but there are some hard brakes that just can't be avoided.  If you don't slam on your brakes more than an average person, don't drive often in the middle of the night, and aren't planning a major road trip during the six month window in question, it will probably save you money.  Luckily for us, our highest mileage months are in the summer, not during the November-March window that we had the Snapshot plugged into the cars.

4,588.87 miles (an average of 35 miles per day)
38 hard brakes (an average of 2 hard brakes per week)

1,218.45 miles (an average of just over 9 miles per day)
16 hard brakes (an average of 1 hard brake every week - 8 days, actually)

(And for bragging rights, I will say that Dan is the only driver of the Subaru, and despite putting almost 4 times the number of miles on the Odyssey, it only had twice as many hard brakes per week.)

Now for the bad news.  After our first 6 months with Progressive and having no accidents or claims, our policy has increased 45%.  And that's with a $44 discount.  What!?  Looks like we may be shopping for a new insurance company again.

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